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Gable Box Auto Bottom

A perfect package for a perfect gift, Gable Boxes go hand in hand with beautiful decoration and cheering presents. These boxes are fashion now days. Cosmetics, food items, small garments, all are found to be profitable when used in these boxes. Profit and popularity is all that a retailer wants. Give them everything clean and profits will roll in like a hoard of water melons. Even McDonald’s have been using these boxes for their ‘Happy Meals’ to keep the crowds happy.

  • No Die & Plate Charges No Die & Plate Charges
  • Free Design Support Free Design Support
  • High Quality Offset Printing High Quality Offset Printing
  • Quick Turn Around Quick Turn Around
  • Starting From 100 Boxes Starting From 100 Boxes
  • Competitive Price Competitive Price
  • Custom Size And Style Custom Size And Style
  • Free Shipping Free Shipping

Box Style Structure

The structure of these boxes is a lot easier to understand than it looks. The box comes flat from the manufacturer. By just a push on opposite sides of the box, the base pops to its leveled state and can resist any entity from falling down. The box’s panels are already set up. The four sprouting flaps attached forming a triangular shape using a couple of locks. Most of the boxes even have a piece cut out just above the bottom which works as a window for your business cards and such.

The box also has a pretty useful and needed handle. A nice blue ribbon tied around it can do wonders to the box’s beauty. It can also enhance its presentation as compliments. Polka dots and checkered design also looks well on Gable Boxes.

Duke Packaging is the Best Bet! 

Even if the products taste delicious or if the product works just fine, it has to promoted in some way. In order to avoid collateral damage, these products are required to be safeguarded by the appropriate packaging. We offer just that Reliable packages and sturdy containers. Just give us a call and we will entertain you as far as we can.

Designing Services

There are numerous ways to design the Gable Boxes. Polka dots, curved lines, abstract, checkered are just some designs that can be named here. Our designers know a lot more that will suit your boxes and look amazing on them. Even if it’s your company’s name or a logo, they can be printed with superb graphics and quality inks. For example, if you happen to be someone related to food, we’ll have our designers put a theme in accord to that. You might also want to pick from a vast variety of impeccable designs.

The rest is quality. Rest assured!

We don’t just say how better our quality is, how good our services are. We believe in proving those claims and showing our customers that they can depend on our brand promise. After all, this world is nothing but an opportunity to help others. By asking for a small sum of money, we help others in achieving a number of milestones.

Superb Printing

We implement great designs for boxes that put a high bounty on them, make them look like brides.

Internationally Available

We operate in the States but offer FREE shipment to Canada as well.

Super-Fast Delivery

Our supervisors keep everything under their nose and have their eye on every unit. They make sure that all of packages are manufactured on the right time which is 6-7 Business Days. The deadlines are always met but never crossed.

Call Us

The caring and affectionate people are found here at Duke Packaging. Just pick up your phone and dial us at 1888-414-3749 our sales representatives.

Affordable Rates

Duke Packaging has the most inexpensive rates in market. These boxes are prepared by sophisticated methods and result as a conduit for boosted profits.

Latest Technology

Using the latest version of inks and latest machinery, our manufacturers are proud to present properly cut and designed packages.

Available 24 Hours

Duke Packaging’s around the clock service is one of a kind. The sun sets in half of the planet and rises in the other half. Sparing the customers to seek our contact durations, we have established a 24/7 service.


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