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A common form of packaging. Header Cards or Topper Boxes are known to top the rest of the packaging with a little more fashion. These Cards are known to be the most economical way to contain your products known to man. Most of the food products like chewing gums, jelly beans and other candies are effective in this packaging. A lot of toy companies also love the economical solution like such a packaging for putting small toys. Topper cards can be further topped with graphical images and pictures illustrating about the product. These cards are usually painted with designs to make them look even better.

  • No Die & Plate Charges No Die & Plate Charges
  • Free Design Support Free Design Support
  • High Quality Offset Printing High Quality Offset Printing
  • Quick Turn Around Quick Turn Around
  • Starting From 100 Boxes Starting From 100 Boxes
  • Competitive Price Competitive Price
  • Custom Size and Style Custom Size and Style
  • Free Shipping Free Shipping

Box Style Structure

There structure is nothing peculiar. But still they have such a vast use that most companies use this packaging duly for their products. This is merely a card. After filling or putting any product that needs to be sold in a polypropylene bag, this fold over card is placed on the lid and simply stapled in its place. That’s it. Your product is packed. That’s all about it. Most of the time, there is a hole punched just near the top of the card just like in Five Panel Hanger boxes. So you can also hang that card along with the plastic Bag it’s affixed with, and present it to the customers on shelves and pegs. That’s dandy and sturdy.

Why should you choose us?

Even though Header Cards do not require much work in their manufacture but people have been known to lose their moneys to bad companies. Not everybody, but most people out there take advantage of the other person who just stepped into his business and seeks help about his packaging needs. But Duke Packaging offers a lot more than just honesty and loyalty. We are no tricksters.

What Duke Packaging offers

Header Cards are nothing without some touch of colors and info graphics. While our artists can help you with your own custom designs, we have a gallery of latest and cool designs that might be just what you are looking for. You can also put your company’s name, logo, or slogan on these Header Cards.

Best Quality in Market

Quality is our strongest pursuit. The latest and non-toxic inks we use and the fresh material that we put to our use are only a couple of things worth noticing about our company. We are the masters of packaging. We know how to make your product stand out in the crowd. Just give us a call 1888-414-3749 and we will get to work.

FREE Shipment

Your location doesn’t matter to us. Very few people have eyes and ears everywhere. Even fewer people have their hands everywhere. Duke Packaging allows FREE shipment to USA and Canada.

Experienced Artists

Duke Packaging also lets you have your designs custom made by our professional team of artists.

Efficient Ways

Avant-garde, progress and innovative. Every equipment here at Duke Packaging is well developed and ready to work on your packaging projects.

Affordable Rates

Our advanced technology and recycled material leads us to offer very fine and comfortable rates to our customers.

On Time Services

Super-fast turnaround with 6-7 Business Days is another specialty of Duke Packaging. We offer best packaging in the market at very fast passage of time.

Around The Clock Service

24/7. That’s right! No minute or no second passes by when our sales representatives are not waiting for you. Just give them a call and take advantage of their services.

Customer Care Services

There might be some questions that you want to ask us. Please email us at Sales@DukePackaging.com and let us hear of those questions.


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