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Hexagon Box are known for their eye catching shape. Wherever they go, a sense of happiness follows. They standout due to their unusual but unique shape. They are charming, exquisite and beautiful. This beauty has earned them to be perfect for presents. Just tying a golden or purple ribbon around a plain colored but shiny Hexagon Box, makes them look adorable for pleasant surprises.

  • No Die & Plate Charges No Die & Plate Charges
  • Free Design Support Free Design Support
  • High Quality Offset Printing High Quality Offset Printing
  • Quick Turn Around Quick Turn Around
  • Starting From 100 Boxes Starting From 100 Boxes
  • Competitive Price Competitive Price
  • Custom Size and Style Custom Size and Style
  • Free Shipping Free Shipping

Box Style Structure

The Hexagon Box comes flat and is required to be assembled and appears as a butterfly structure. When assembled, the box comprises of a hexagonal tray with four flaps that fit according to the spaces and act as cover. Two small triangle flaps are bent over parallel to the base, and then a horizontal flap is fixed over them. At this point, the box is already covered. But another flap is ready to be fixed on top of it too, giving it the maximum security as ever. This forms a compact packaging. These boxes are compatible with transport. They require slightly more time to assemble but their ultra-security is worth one should think of.

As these Hexagon Boxes entice and allure as presents, they also serve well to safeguard the articles inside them. Jewelry including necklaces, bands, earrings, bracelets and other expensive store items can be kept safe in them. Cosmetics attain a major standing as fitting items for these kind of boxes. Gift shops definitely have a huge supply of these boxes. Other items include medicines, mobile phones and retail items.

Just Duke Packaging, No one else!

Many a manufacturing companies offer the same number of services as ours. But there is a slight edge that makes us better than them. To understand this, take a good look on your hand. Do you see each of the fingers equal in length? In the same, not all companies are same. Duke Packaging happens to be better.

Valuable Services

Our prominent services include good printing and attractive designs. Along with all other services, we provide our clientele with the service of getting their custom designs on the boxes. Your ideas, your orders will be implemented as is. You will be surprised to see such amazing results.

Sky High Quality

One thing that we offer is our money back guarantee is the quality. If you are not satisfied, which you won’t, with the quality of the packaging and material then you have the freedom of having your money back. We offer our services to make the client feel better, not worse.

High End Machines

Machines make work a lot easier for man. They have aided him since their invention. Duke Packaging also uses High-Tech and Advance Printing Machines to cut and print Boxes.

Customer Care Services

Make sure to ask us about packaging as much as you want. We will not fret but answer your queries, so feel free to call us at 1888-414-3749.

Around The Globe

Around the globe our manufacturers send shipments to earn people’s trust. FREE SHIPMENT facility can be availed in United States of America and Canada.

Affordable Rates

Hexagon Boxes require more material to produce but our cost effective methods are very efficient and we require less money for our service.

On Time Services

Our punctual officials will work day and night but not let that work get out of the deadline. We are reliable!

Around The Clock Service

If you find yourself struggling with the idea whether to call us or not then worry not. Just start dialing our telephone number or email us at Sales@DukePackaging.com and we will answer promptly.

Exquisite Designs

The results that our artists manage to produce will leave you gasping. They can do wonders to your packaging.


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