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  • 1-2-3 Bottom Style is also known as Snap/Auto Lock Box Style.These Box Styles consume a little more time for putting it together but are safe and secure than some other Box Styles. Base flaps are interlocked with each other for closure.There is a choice available for an extra flap at the bottom to attain more power from the underneath., provides you with a large variety of options, so that you can modify the boxes in accordance to your desired design and style.

  • is one of the leading packaging companies producing 1-2-3 Bottom Display Lid Boxes with the most versatile customization options. They are widely used for displaying various products in the market. They decorate your product in a way that makes it appealing and attractive for the customer. The quality material used in the manufacturing of these boxes makes them sturdy, stunning and long lasting. We offer an array of options like dimensions, colors, designs and styles that you can use for create the packaging that meets your requirements to the fullest.

  • provides all sorts of Auto Bottom Tray Boxes. These boxes are used for decorating and displaying products in the market. They don’t only hold the product in a stable and secure manner but also increases its visual appeal to the customer. You’ll find Auto Bottom Boxes around a lot in every market on different display counters and racks. They are one of the most widely used boxes for displaying different products because they give complete product transparency that gains customer’s attention and the beautiful design that creates a positive perception in mind.

  • produces the finest and most alluring Auto Bottom with Display Lid Boxes. Their fascinating quality and design in unparalleled in the whole market. With the pledge to conquer all your needs, our packaging boxes guarantee maximum growth. Ease of use and portability are the byproducts of the high quality durable material used in its production. The Eco-friendly material we use for manufacturing is cost effective that makes it affordable for all.

  • produces the best quality Bookend Boxes and delivers them around the globe. These boxes have various uses and can be molded according to your need. They are strong built, durable in use and flexible while moving. never compromises on quality while the material used in manufacturing is Eco-friendly and affordable as well. We offer a vast array of customization options for these Bookend Boxes that allow our customers to create them right according to their requirement.  

  • In the world of machines and more specifically, sophisticated computers, individuals need to store data. Family images, celebration videos, all of them need a storage place to cherish all the memories. Compact discs are often used for this purpose. Even though the age of discs is ending but there are still few people you want their previous storage discs to be kept in a safe, organized place and not just sell them. This need is fulfilled by the very Disc Folders.

    These folders are not only suitable for computer discs but they can also support the storage of antique musical records. Disc Folders will keep the Vinyl records perfectly in place and guard them from dust. With the correct measurements and dimensions of the boxes, floppy discs can also fit inside them.

  • Double Wall Tuck Front Box Styles are known by the name of Roll End Tuck Front and many other names. It presents the well known and highly demanded cherry lock feature. In addition to that, this type of box is not glued. The user just has to lock the lid after putting the product in.

    This Box Style is well suited for heavier items due to the exceptional security it provides. The shape and draft of this type allows best accommodation in trailer trucks and other transportation. So it’s completely feasible to transit and deliver.

  • Double Wall with Display Lid are the fashion and state of the art as they go. They are found everywhere. They are found on sale shelves. They are found on cash register counters. They are adjusted wherever something needs to be displayed as a demo. With all the marvelous colors and eye catching displays, these boxes are the pride of every store.

  • Time shows you the need of some kind of sectioning when you start your packaging business. Fragile and delicate things like crockery are specially required to be partitioned from one another to avoid breakage. In such a scenario, only one solution comes to mind. Fence Partitions! Glass items like plates can be put in any box with Fence Partitions. Crockery items like cups, chirps and ceramic mugs are the commodities for the compartments made out by Fence Partitions. If used efficiently, these partitions can prove really helpful for the safety of products.

  • One of the best looking kinds of Box Style is Five Panel Hanger. These Box Styles are found in superstores, baby clothing stores, shoe stores and toy stores. They can be found hung on metal sticks or pegs sticking out from retail shelves. Hanging there, they look nice. They have another very good feature of effective presentation. Just put a window on the front panel of the box and you can allow your customers to take a peek inside without even opening it. It’s a great way to let people know of what is actually inside. This affects the customers into purchasing the item.

  • The Five Panel Hanger 123 Bottom is like any other five panel hanger, these boxes are found hanging on the pegs and stands in supermarkets. With a window at the front panel, they offer a view of the contained object while providing other panels for the information and images. The packing time is a little more than snap lock boxes, but it provides equal protection. Items that can be contained in these type of boxes include heavy items as well as the light ones. Food, cosmetics, baby clothes, toys are included. Pharmaceuticals are also seen at some places.

  • Five Panel Hanger Box Styles have been the featuring and enhancing addition to any store. Just like they hang on the shelves, they make customers long for the intriguing item they contain. A flock of them makes a tree on which they look like trees. While they have a safe draft for the product, they are also well known for their display qualities. By putting a plastic window on the front panel or three panels, they provide a pleasant view of the item they are holding.

  • Most convenient and elegant solution of keeping your things organized, Foot Lock Tray is presented to you. Does your desk experience un-organized clutter? Go for Foot Lock Tray. Does your cupboard falling short of space because things are messy? Go for Foot Lock Tray. These non-glued trays can turn your messed up home to a picture of relief to sore eyes.

  • It turns out those bursting flavors, sweet cakes have their own realm of boxes too. Yes, Four Corner Cake Boxes are to cakes what Juliet is to Romeo. These Four Corner Cake Boxes are especially designed to hold cakes. They cover them. Shelter them as needed. While doing so, they preserve them from naughty bees and flies and the entire foul atmosphere. It is due to these boxes that one enjoys a piece or two just to say “Delish!”.

  • A typical solution found usually at pharmacies and super stores, Four Corner With Display Lid is another of the family “show offs”. Another one to display the info graphics and such about the subject on the Display Lid while providing a means to store it and made easy for the user to avail. Medicine packs are found stacked one behind another, forming rows inside this box. While in super stores, the cashiers decorate their counters with racks of these putting forward some eye catching and captivating little products, like chewing gums, key chains, chocolates, and candies.

  • Full Flap Auto Bottom is known for its fitting structure for heavy items. These heavy items might include anything from an automobile’s small parts to medicinal accessories. This type of box is able to withstand the weight of the leaden articles and keeps them safe from outside forces.

  • Gable Bag has the properties of other Gable Style Boxes. Not so strong and not so fragile either, this box can handle lightweight articles easily. Many of these boxes can also be used as decorations as well. A transparent Gable Bag with an adorable item, packed with a shiny wrapper, inside can serve well for a picture for the sore eyes. Placed on a side table in the living room, it will look superb.

  • Gable Bag Tuck End, as perceived from the name, are enable with the tuck end feature. These boxes have their own diverse range of uses and products that can fit inside them and yield maximum usefulness.

    Lightweight objects including cosmetics, raw food items, pharmaceuticals and some garments look perfect in a bag like this one. Raw food items include raw vegetables and raw fruits. Cosmetics can be anything from mascara to Vaseline lotions. While they are handy for apparel enhancement products, stationery shops also make use of them almost every time their door bell sings.

  • A perfect package for a perfect gift, Gable Boxes go hand in hand with beautiful decoration and cheering presents. These boxes are fashion now days. Cosmetics, food items, small garments, all are found to be profitable when used in these boxes. Profit and popularity is all that a retailer wants. Give them everything clean and profits will roll in like a hoard of water melons. Even McDonald’s have been using these boxes for their ‘Happy Meals’ to keep the crowds happy.

  • A common form of packaging. Header Cards or Topper Boxes are known to top the rest of the packaging with a little more fashion. These Cards are known to be the most economical way to contain your products known to man. Most of the food products like chewing gums, jelly beans and other candies are effective in this packaging. A lot of toy companies also love the economical solution like such a packaging for putting small toys. Topper cards can be further topped with graphical images and pictures illustrating about the product. These cards are usually painted with designs to make them look even better.