Gable Bag

Gable Bag

Gable Bag has the properties of other Gable Style Boxes. Not so strong and not so fragile either, this box can handle lightweight articles easily. Many of these boxes can also be used as decorations as well. A transparent Gable Bag with an adorable item, packed with a shiny wrapper, inside can serve well for a picture for the sore eyes. Placed on a side table in the living room, it will look superb.

  • No Die & Plate Charges No Die & Plate Charges
  •  Free Design Support Free Design Support
  • High Quality Offset Printing High Quality Offset Printing
  • Quick Turn Around Quick Turn Around
  • Starting From 100 Boxes Starting From 100 Boxes
  • Competitive Price Competitive Price
  • Custom Size And Style Custom Size And Style
  • Free Shipping Free Shipping

Box Style Structure

The box also has a locking lid that has an extended flap. This flap is fixed in the slit of the front panel in place and the box gets a close position. The rest of the structure is usual cuboid with folding assistance. The box can be folded flat just like any other gable bag. Gable Bag Boxes are easy to transport and even more easy to use.

Just look for a fast food restaurant, they are known to keep these kind of boxes for take away purposes. Given their strong affiliation for lightweight contents, they are perfect for any food accessories and actual burgers, salad, subways, shawarmas and Chinese.

Crucial Is Duke Packaging

Imagine that a person goes to a restaurant to have a good time and eat. He orders his favorite dish and the waiter brings the order with absolutely no garnishing. The person feels harsh, right? If something is not presented properly, it can put off the other person really easily. In the same way, retailers cry out for the best packaging. Fear not, can take care of all of your packaging needs.

Services at Duke Packaging

Services like FREE shipment, available around the clock and such, are just our bonus features. What we really have for you in store is our designs that depict and spread the sense of exquisite and adore. These designs are made by our top artists. These artists can also create custom design for you. They will be happy to hear your thoughts and print the boxes in the same way.

Long Lasting Material

Nothing devastates the other person more than the sight of the devastation of something that belongs to him. Something that is dear to him. For you, it will be your packaging. But you can put a stop to it by choosing We produce long lasting and strong boxes.

We Ship FREE

No matter where you live in the world, we deliver right at your doorstep. We provide Free Shipping to USA and Canada.

Modern Know-Hows of Manufacturing

All our ways, from top to bottom use high Offset and Digital tech machines to carry out the cutting and printing of the boxes. High quality and latest non-toxic inks are used to print your boxes.

Punctuality Is Our Characteristic offers a quick turnaround of 6-6 Business Days and spares customers from waiting more than the deadline of the delivery.

Economical Service

We use 100% environmental friendly material to manufacture most of our packaging. is concerned about your pocket in the most positive way. Don’t expect us to charge you more than we deserve.

Customer Care Services

If you have any questions and query, feel free to call us at our Toll Free Number 1888-414-3749 which is displayed on this webpage. We will be happy to hear from you.

Deserving Designs

Our designing services are one of a kind. Such beautiful designs made by creative artists can hardly be found anywhere else.

Around The Clock Service

Our Packaging Experts are available to you at all times. You just have to give a call and check out what they got for you about your questions.


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